United In Prayer

All across the world lives have been disrupted by the coronavirus. We ask that you unite with us on a journey of spiritual rebirth. Together we will pray for those in need and share the fire of our spirits. We stand together in faith and keep our focus on the healing hope of the Cross.

May God bless you today,
Your Newman Connection Family
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Connie M.

My sisters friend Paula contracted the coronavirus and is now unconscious. She needs to return home to continue to care for her disabled husband and son. Please pray for a miracle for Paulas recovery. Thank you

Pray for Connie

Colene H.

Prayers are requested for my mentally ill son Rocky who recently had his leg amputated due to flesh eating virus. Please Lord prevent any further invasion of this disease. I beg You dear Lord to continue to bless Rocky by continuing the financial aids he needs to go forward with his medical care.

Pray for Colene

Brandon O.

My prayer is to pass my Army AIT School and to pass my test on Wednesday morning and also my acft pt test on April 7

Pray for Brandon

Chandra R.

Please pray for my children and grandchildren who are working during this time. That God will protect them from the virus. Thank you.

Pray for Chandra

Sabrina R.

Please pray that the Lord to make me stronger where I am weak. I have a son hes 11 pray for him as well Ive been verbal abuse,phyically abuse, turn his father around pray for his salvation pray that he loves me again and become a man of God he was called to be . And for him to appreaciate me more honor respect me pl

Pray for Sabrina

Lynn L.

Urgent prayer for son that he is very depressed and he dont smoke dont drink dont do drugs but people are really jealous of him as he is very smart and dress good and keep out of trouble and has good job and people mad and jealous that he gave good job and trying to make him quit his good job and get very depressed

Pray for Lynn

Janie M.

I would like to pray for the world, asking for God to heal the land, I also ask for prayer for my family, my coworkers at my job..Jackson Hinds Comprehensive health Center..and myself as I go out to try and assist in the healthcare field, I ask in jesus name...bless the personal prayers that seeing my requests..

Pray for Janie

Paul A.

Need prayers for a new job I start tomorrow. Lots of depression and anxiety, drinking too much to deal with the depression please pray in Jesus Christ I pray

Pray for Paul

Denise E.

I am suffering from depression and anxiety. I am really on edge and prayers desperately. I have been suffering for a while now. Dont have family or friends to turn to. Everything is really bleak and grim right now. Please help

Pray for Denise

Kevin S.

I need guidance to get my heart n mind set right and for understanding the word better

Pray for Kevin

bianca b.

My car was stolen March 20 at 630am on my way to work I walked in the gas station for coffee came out and it was gone my boyfriend is threatening to kick me out over this he said if the car dont come back I can go Im a single mother needing help

Pray for bianca

LeAnne F.

Please pray for my children and grandchildren...we live 3000 miles apart...my leukemia...my job... Thank You

Pray for LeAnne

John B.

I would like to offer prayers for the people of the Diocese of Lexington who feel alone and scared during these days. Jesus we trust in you

Pray for John

Michael S.

Please pray that our Nona S., Pop James S. and my dad Larry S. stay free of the Corona Virus.

Pray for Michael

Chris K.

Please pray for the unifying of families across the world May all draw deeper into communion by the bonds of charity

Pray for Chris

Catherine H.

I am requesting prayers for my mother who has stage 4 liver cancer and has cancer in her lungs, intestines and colon. I am not able to travel to see her or be of any help to my family in Virginia. I feel helpless. I would appreciate your keeping her in prayer and that is all I feel I can do right now . I am sending her weekly little things and cards to keep her spirits up. I should also ask for prayers for my sister and her husband who are being the caregivers and it is almost 2 months in since diagnosis. Thank you most kindly. Catherine

Pray for Catherine

Tina B.

For the helpless and Hungry Elderly and also.We are the glue to help our community together safe and well.i would give my meal to an Elderly or a hungry child or children

Pray for Tina

Belinda V.

My grandson Jaden has come down with fever and sore throat please pray for the test will be negative. Hes only 21 and is very precious to his family....please pray, pray , for him to be healed in precious JESUS. NAME,Amen. Psalms 91

Pray for Belinda

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