Things To Do

As we all find a new way of coping with orders to isolate and quarantine, we have seen some beautiful ways that everyone is coming together. Here are just a few ideas you can use as we ramp up our own ways of keeping our Newman families connected during such a difficult time.

Join our free, life group.

What is Life Group?

Feeling like you need to talk with peers? Need encouragement? Want to hear from the experiences of other college students during this time of crisis? We see you and understand the specific challenges of college life during this time. That’s why we created this platform — a virtual life group of college students that meets to share, listen, and learn from each other. During our meetings, we spend most of our time giving personal updates about our joys, challenges, relationships, etc. We want to encourage each other to stay anchored in our faith during this time.

Why Join?

• You’ll gain new friends, wisdom, support, and positive energy.
• It’s a peer-led small group with the help of a professional facilitator.
• The time commitment is small and the pay-off is big!
• There is no cost to join

How It Works.

• Sign up for to join a Life Group session. 
• Be part of a small group of 6-8 college students across the country.
• Share with other college students virtually for 1-1.5 hours.

Book Studies/Audio Books/Bible Studies

Here’s a few we’ve done ourselves: Perfectly Yourself by Matthew Kelly, Activated Disciple by Jeff Cavins, Interior Freedom by Fr. Jaques Philippe

Pray with the Pope

Hang a white cloth or light a candle in your window at 9 PM; pray the Rosary and ask for St. Joseph to intercede for families and bring peace during this time of crisis.

Host a Neighborhood Porch Party

Pick an evening during the week and time for everyone to come onto their front porch or into their front yards to listen to a couple of songs together and spread a bit of cheer. As the host, you can send the day and time to everyone on your street via text, phone call or a neighborhood page on social media.

Games on Zoom

Utilize Zoom or FaceTime to play games with your friends and family! You can easily adjust the rules of familiar games so that boards or cards don't need to be used. Try Trivial Pursuit (or the Catholic version!) for points, Household Item Bingo, or Charades!

Make and Eat Meals Together; Start a New High/Low Tradition

Making meals together can be a lot of fun and hold a barrel of laughs, especially when the dish turns out ugly but delicious! Start a new tradition with meals together and share your High/Lows from your day in quarantine.

Chalk  your Walk

Send messages to your neighbors and pick a day to Chalk your Walk creating happy pictures and words of encouragement. Then take a walk with your family and enjoy all the love from your neighbors.

Daily Rosary

Set aside a time everyday to pray the rosary with your family or with a friend. When we pray the rosary, we shift our focus away from the challenges and worries of our day and helps us to meditate on the life of Christ.

Celebrate the Lord’s Day

Dress in your Sunday best and tune in to a Mass service online. Add a pillow or an extra rug to kneel when you need to. Make an act of spiritual communion together.

Hit Replay at Sunrise or Sunset

Set an alarm on your phone and take in these often overlooked gifts because we’re so rushed. Sit in stillness and reflection or hit replay on a recent Mass or inspirational playlist.

Watch an Uplifting Movie Together

Indulge in your favorite comedies, adventures or musicals. Disney’s The Prince of Egypt, The Passion, or Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Jesus Christ Super Star offer amazing soundtracks and stories.

Write a Lift Letter

Take time to express your appreciation, praise and encouragement to the special people on your life path. Were you inspired by a gifted teacher, priest or sister? Did a family member make a mark on your life? Take time to lift them up and send a surprise to their mailbox.

Make a Virtual Holy Hour

Choose a time each day to visit to make a holy hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. If you don’t have an hour, give a half hour or fifteen minutes of your time to just sit in the presence of our Lord and receive His peace.

Mini Nature Retreat

Sit close to a small slice of nature; what do you see? Snowflakes on the window?The birds in the sky? A tiny creature in the grass? Now look closer...and closer still. Breathe. God has His hand on every creature and everything. What might your observations from nature teach your family and friends. Share your appreciation on social media.

It’s Time to Plant

In your yard, in a pot, in a water glass, in or in an egg carton. From seeds to plants to old potatoes that are starting to sprout, with a little time and care you can watch God’s creations grow for you.

Have an Online Dance Party, or Tap into Some Group Exercise (from a distance)

We’ve seen students blast some music and invite friends via FaceTime or Zoom for online dance parties and it’s so great to see them smile! How about that Zumba instructor who went viral on her back deck, leading her neighbors to better health. Love that!

Make an Inspirational Playlist and Blast it Each Day After Work/Study Time

This is a great way to transition away from Work and Homeschooling to family time each evening. Here are a few of our faves: Oceans by Hillsong United, Everything by Lauren Diagle, Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave, Waymaker by Leeland,and See a Victory by Elevation Worship

Host a Virtual Happy Hour or Share a Meal with Family and Friends Far Away

Make a date for good conversation, laughter, drinks and food. Use technology (FaceTime, Zoom, etc.) too bring the gang together. And no need to rush…nobody’s going anywhere.

Recipe Swap

If the same meals under quarantine have you down, ask friends and family to share their favorite recipes or seasoning blends to spice things up a bit.

Seek Out Charities in Need

Don’t forget about your favorite non-profit organizations and causes during this pandemic. They may be in desperate need of additional support during this crisis. If you have an elderly neighbor, offer to shop for them so they don’t have to go out.

Special Occasions Matter Even More

Birthdays, anniversaries, planned-but-canceled weddings, graduations and vacations matter even more now. Get creative and help your family and friends celebrate special milestones - even during these difficult times.

Call in your Confession or Seek Spiritual Guidance

Staying away from church during a crisis is really hard. Stay connected to our Father and set up a time with your Priest to give your Confession or seek spiritual guidance over the phone.

Have a good idea? Email us and let us know!